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Small Hat

Mandy's mom was a professional musician and that's how she got hooked.  Now that she is a mother, Mandy is overjoyed that she gets the opportunity to share the adventure with her own children.

You can check out Small Hat here to find out where they will be recording and gigging so check back soon.


Recording Projects

Have you heard about Mandy's new album?

Move On Up!

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Join Mandy and other musicians and artists for fellowship, inspiration, and the latest news on . . . 

To find out more visit the website or find us on Facebook.

Or, come see everyone in person at the . . .

Once a month we host a "Pop-up coffee house night" featuring music, open-mic, poetry, and more! Perform, listen, or just grab some coffee and snacks.


For more information visit us on our website or follow us on Facebook. 

North Bay


in Faraway Places...

A fresh pallet of sound

With an impressive artistry and inspiring musicality, Benjamin Acoustic is a refreshing new taste for the Western pallet.


We've recently had the honor of making the acquaintance of Benjamin Acoustic and are so moved by his talent, that we wanted to help  promote his superb musical efforts.

Be sure to check Benjamin out as he's an up and coming talent that's worth discovering!