Lloyd and Brooks Band Bio

Levi Lloyd's Bio:

Levi Lloyd is highly respected by both musicians and music lovers and draws other high caliber musicians like a magnet. For more than two years, he has hosted a workshop at Twin Oaks, in which select, local musicians are invited to perform and network

Frank Hayhurst, 64, producer of the Real Music CDs, which benefit the Redwood Empire Food Bank, said, “Levi is such a brilliant guitar player that he can just sling his guitar on and people start dancing.” Once he starts playing, Hayhurst added, you hear amazing “shape, tone, classic sound and fresh chording – extraordinary, just amazing.”

When Hayhurst and Blair Hardman (owner of Zone Recording) 
were compiling original songs by local artists for Volume 2 of the Real Music CDs, Frank mentioned Lloyd. The two are such fans of Lloyd’s work that Blair offered to record one of his original songs himself at Zone…
“He is a blues guitar player who thinks orchestrally,”

Lloyd has entertained audiences with his voice since he was 12 and taught himself guitar at 17. The first time Lloyd found himself on a large stage was when he went to hear John Lee Hooker at a club in Berkeley. A friend, who was Hooker’s roadie, had told Lloyd he’d get him backstage to meet the musicians. Lloyd, who was 18 at the time, sat at a table waiting for the show to start. “This guy came off the stage and tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘I hear you can play.’” Lloyd said, “I get up to follow this guy and he’s going the opposite way of the dressing room and leads me onto the stage, puts on his hat, and says, ‘Give that man a guitar.’” That man, of course, was John Lee Hooker, with whom Lloyd maintained a lasting friendship.

Lloyd has toured as far as Hawaii, Canada,
and Europe, including a European tour with Joe Louis Walker and the Boss Talkers in 2000. His first introduction to Sonoma County was playing highland festivals. Diane Swan, who was singing for Johnny Otis, came down to Oakland and told Lloyd, “You’re coming with me.” Swan brought him into Otis’ gospel choir.



Mandy Brooks' Bio:


Growing up with a mother who was a professional singer, singing was a natural path for Mandy to follow. Throughout her teens and twenties, she studied music in high school and college, recorded on various audio and visual projects, and performed live at festivals and clubs with The Jimmy Scott Band, Blues Baby, and Good Thing. She has taught piano, voice and band workshops throughout the years at Yamaha Music School in Irvine, CA; Moody Music in Anaheim, Ca; and privately. 


2017 marked the year of her debut album release, "Move on Up". Mandy performs regularly with her band "Brooks and Lloyd" feat. Levi Lloyd and her family band "Small Hat".  Mandy has won awards for her songwriting through the West Coast Songwriters Assoc. and actively participates in songwriting collaborations. Mandy is CEO of Mockingbird Productions Company and founder of North Bay Women in Music Collective. Helping other musicians/creatives achieve their goals and making a positive change in her community through music, is a driving force behind Mandy's music/creative path.


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