Mandy Brooks announces her new CD, "Move On Up", which is available on iTunes, Amazon,  CD Baby and Google Play.


"Move on Up" was many months in the making.  This album is a reflection of Mandy's life journey.  Her reaching for strength to press on, despite the sorrows and trials of life, is at the heart of this album.  It is also an expression of gratitude for finding and, by grace, staying on the path.


Mandy would like to thank her husband, Joseph Marino; Bob Kilpatrick; Will Derryberry; Mark "Mooka" Rennick from Prairie Sun Recording Studio; her three children, Cosmos, Zosima and Justina; the incredible musicians on the album, Levi Lloyd, Bob McBain, Nick Otis and Mark Chole. All without whom, this labor of love would not have been possible.


Most of all, Mandy looks forward to getting to know you!  She hopes that you find enjoyment and encouragement through listening to this album,

"Move On Up"!

My mama regularly had me sit in and attend rehearsals.  This pic is one of my first "real singing" opportunities she helped me land at 17 yo.  


Our long time friend, Uncle Joe Orlando brought me in to perform with him and his band, Johnny Baron and the Bel Aires.

Sitting in with my mom at one of her gigs in So. Cal.

I was about 21 at the time.

Some highlights from Betsy McCall's musical career.  

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              Mandy Brooks


Following in my mother's footsteps, I  acquired the passion and joy for singing and music.  I desire to sing the truth.


When I sing, I sing about the joy, hope, and agonies of love and life.  Somehow, touching joy and pain through music brings a sweet freedom and healing.


Here is my mom, Betsy McCall, singing in her band: WT English and the Honky Tonk Heroes.  I'm sitting in the front row (my mom wrote my name on my back in this picture).  I was, and still am her #1 fan.

I started singing with Jimmy Scott and his band at 19 yo.


I loved singing in Jimmy's band.  He's a one of a kind guitar player who taught me a lot.


 Thanks Jimmy!

Singing in the plaza in Santa Fe, NM, with Michael Delaney in our duo, Blues Baby.  I was 24 about this time.