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Mandy Brooks

Uncaged Creative Coaching and Consulting 

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Are you ready to share your creative
work and story with the world? 

I will help you tap into your creative flow, confidently communicate your message, navigate obstacles, and customize a plan to launch your creative projects without being paralyzed by doubt or overwhelm. Make the impact you’ve been dreaming of and book a call today!

Your Story•Your Voice•Your Dream

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Or is Something Holding You Back?  

What happens if I fail? 


I can't compete with all the other talent out there. 

I'll start tomorrow.

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It has to be perfect.

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There is too much to do. I don't know where to begin. 

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You may believe that conquering the challenges of the digital world is an insurmountable task or that failure is your worst enemy.
• Maybe you've been in a creative slump or doubt your artistic ability and effectiveness.

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It' exhausting and disheartening isn't it? 

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way...

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You Can Be Creatively Fulfilled       Make an Impact




making a difference in the lives of others

confidently sharing your story

connecting with your audience

being part of a supportive,creative          community that "gets" you

successfully launching your next book, song, or creative work

building a solid foundation for your                      creative business

having a step by step strategy to get your 

work into the world

dissolving and repurposing creative blocks

harnessing your unique creatvie energy

speaking your message without fear          

and making an impact

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Your Guide on
The Uncaged Journey...

Hi, I'm Mandy Brooks. I know the regret of ignoring a dream that was calling to be realized. I know the self-doubt that kept my voice small and my stories tucked away. I know the overwhelm that has prevented me from taking the next step toward my creative goals. 

But I also know the expansiveness and strength of listening to my voice and honoring my dream. I know the realizations and restoration that came from telling and reconciling my life stories.  


This journey of uncaging is where I found healing and, in the process, helped others. Your voice, dreams, and stories are not meant to be locked away but are meant to be nurtured and set free. 


"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms." 1 Peter 4-10. 

Uncage Your Story•Uncage Your Voice•Uncage Your Dream

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Let's Stay in Touch! 

Thank You! 

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